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About Me


My grandad got me into coastal foraging at a very young age. taking me rock pooling for winkles and different types of seaweed. My dad also used to take me fishing and crabbing on the north east coast. I grew up in the outdoors, making dens in the woods with my friends, then onto wild camping in my local area after i bought my first hammock and i was hooked into the hammock life. I started climbing in school and then progressed to climbing every night after work, then on weekends i would be away to the lakes, wild camping with my hammock and bivi looking for the perfect climbing location.

I have also done solos in caves for 3 nights, but about 10 years ago (2008), my health started to get bad and they couldn't work out what it was. 

They thought it was a hernia, but 4 years later i snapped my ligaments in both groins. i lost use of both legs and had to go in for urgent surgery. Approximately 8 major surgeries later, I am still recovering from my last major surgery in may (2017) but will more than likely need more -(update: I have recently found out that I need to undergo another 2 procedures).  one of those was in February (2019) now awaiting further scans. The battle continues!

So with my hips being bad, I had to start trying to lighten the load after my 1st surgery. That's where the bushcraft and foraging started to play a bigger  role in my life, after all Knowledge weighs nothing. (My hips liked that idea).

So that started my journey into bushcraft and foraging. All self taught/studied and went on to do my advanced level 3 in plant identification for wild food and medicine, with John Ryder at the woodcraft school. I have since then started the journey into opening my own bushcraft and foraging school, to allow me to do what i love and to work around my ill health.  

Bushcraft course's


What to expect on a Bushcraft course here at Andy's Outings Bushcraft and foraging. Depending on the Bushcraft course attended, you will gain a good understanding of axe, knife and saw safety. NO FOLDING & LOCKING KNIVES ALLOWED ON SITE!!

 We will take a look at a some of the hazards in and around the woodland, so you can be safe in this type of environment. We will also cover selection of safe water sources, filtration and purification methods. 

Moving on to fire lighting methods. Depending on the type of bushcraft course, we will cover modern and primitive fire lightning methods with natural and man made Tinders. (Advanced bushcraft course will contain more primitive methods) 

You will also  learn the fundamentals of a survival shelter to help keep you alive in any situation you may find yourself in!

We will also cover basic plant identification for wild food and medicine. Learn how to safely identify wild plants that will provide you with food and/or medicine!

On the more advanced Bushcraft course we will cover the above but use more primitive methods for fire lighting and water filtration. We will delve a little deeper into plant and tree identification for edible, medicinal and practical uses! Also taking a look at woodcraft. Making pot hangers, cooking utensils, chairs ,etc.

(Content of courses may vary depending on season but any subject can be taught on a private one on one course.

Bushcraft courses are for ages 8+

For any more information please e-mail

Foraging/medicinal course's


What to expect on a foraging course here at Andy's outings bushcraft and foraging.

For a wild tea walk. We will take a stroll along the banks of the river Wear and into a lovely plot of ancient woodland to learn how to identify wild plants and flowers to be used in wild teas. Also learn about some of the edible and medicinal side of the plants we come across. While out on the walk we will also gather some of the plants we come across and take them back to base camp to brew up some lovely wild tea's!!

A plant identification walk for food and medicine course based at the school. We will take a stroll through some beautiful ancient woodland looking at a variety of different key identification features of plants and trees. Leading characteristics of wild plant families, of which can be used for food and a variety of different medicines!!

Foraging courses are for ages 8+

For anymore information please email me at

Spring Tree identification

 Just a little walk briefly covering Spring tree identification in the UK, the buds and bark,  silver birch, hawthorn, Ash, alder, gorse and oak. 

Plant identification walk

Plant Identification Walk on an old railway line in North east England.  Covering:  Herb Robert.  Herb bennet aka wood avens.  Self heal.  Wild strawberry.  Barren strawberry.  Garlic mustard aka Jack by the hedge.  Tormentil. Plant Identification Walk on an old railway line in North east England.  Covering:  Herb Robert.  Herb bennet aka wood avens.  Self heal.  WiP

wilting nettles over the fire

wilting nettles over the fire is a great way  of preparing nettles around the campfire or in a survival situation. The heat neutralizes the  stings!

Firelighting, fire piston with char cloth

Firelighting using the method of combustion, using a fire piston to ignite char cloth, then transferred the ember to a fungus called King Alfreds cake, also know as a cramp ball. 

Birch bark fire lighting with a ferro rod

I was down the woods for the day with a good friend of mine and decided to make A little video of using a ferro rod to light birch bark and some fire prep.

Cooking steak on a hot rock

Just a day down the woods cooking steak on a hot rock! 

Otter tracks

It looks like i have a new neighbor moved in down the river 

Releasing a common Buzzard back into the wild

A trek out with Ridgeside Falconry and uk4x4treks. to release a common buzzard back into the wild after he spent the last yer nursing it back to full health after being hurt in an accident.

Plant write ups

Geranium Robertianum aka herb Robert

Here we have Geranium Robertianum aka herb Robert

This is a wonderfull plant to get to know! Follow link to full write up!

Galium aparine aka cleavers / goosegrass


Another wonderful plant with edible and medicinal uses, click the image for the full write up! 

Stellaria holostea aka greater Stitchwort


Here we have greater stitchwort, a wonderful medicinal plant. Please click on the image  for the full write up! 

Primula vulgaris aka Primrose a wonderful wild edible!!


For the write up about primula vulgaris please click the image.

Chamaenerion angustifolium, aka Rosebay willowherb, fire weed.


This is a plant to get to know, as it can provide so much! Please click the image for the write up!

Auricula-judae aka Jews ear / jelly ear


Something a bit different here. But easy to identify and use. Please click the image for the write up on the jelly ear!

Tree identification

Pinus Sylvestris, also known as Scots pine

The bark and needles of pinus sylvestris

This is a wonderful tree to get to know! click the image to get the full write up.

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